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Liability Insurance FAQ
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Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Personal trainer liability insurance is important for all personal trainers to have. Like any other professionals, they also have the potential to be sued for malpractice. While their policies are not as expensive as a physician's, they're certainly not free. However, they are usually less than paying for an annual auto insurance policy. Depending on the insurance company and state it is located in, rates will vary.

Another factor affecting the premium rate is the amount of coverage purchased. Personal trainers usually choose a specific dollar amount for provisions. There is a maximum amount per incident, as well as a maximum aggregate amount for a specified number of years or the active life of the policy. Some companies operating in certain states may also offer claims-based policies, but the rates on these will rise if multiple claims are filed.

Personal Trainer Liability Insurance - What Does It Cover?

In the event that a personal trainer does anything that results in harm to a client, the personal trainer liability insurance covers litigation costs and compensates the individual who suffered damages. Coverage usually also provides for property damage. License protection may also be covered in some policies. This is a very beneficial provision to have.

Not all states require this form of coverage, but many employers require personal trainers to purchase a policy before being hired. ACE recommends having a business insurance policy that allows for at least $500,000 in coverage. Since lawsuits can be expensive, even beyond the compensation amount awarded to the injured party, many personal trainers elect to purchase at least $1 million in coverage.

Personal Trainer Liability Insurance - Tips

Even employees who work in gyms that offer their own coverage must decide whether or not to purchase their own personal policy. Some instances may be more risky than others. For example, personal trainers working with the elderly or recovering surgery patients may be more at risk for lawsuits than those who work with healthy young adults. Not all company-provided policies have very good coverage. At best, they usually thoroughly protect the company, but leave the employee in the dust.

Since it is difficult to determine what will happen, it is best to purchase an individual personal trainer liability insurance policy. A personal trainer who tells a person to do cardio exercises and learns that person suffered a heart attack while doing that may find a lawsuit on their heels. Not all lawsuits are judged in favor of the plaintiff, but in the case they are, it is much better to have insurance than to pay out of pocket for costly medical bills, litigation costs and compensation to the injured party.